(They exclaim.)


Greetings to all our friends and family! We only mailed a few Christmas cards last year, so if you didnÕt get one, weÕd like to introduce our excuse: Luke Ramsay Michel, born October 2nd, 1999! Luke is already fourteen months and his favorite things to do are kicking soccer balls and playing the piano. Marcus is two, and his favorite pastimes include cutting things with scissors (!), drawing, and riding his training wheeled bike. Alec, at 6 is enjoying first grade, and this year became a soccer nut. He plugs away at violin and piano, and enjoys being able to play Christmas carols this year. Traveling with three children is not to be entered into lightly, but this past year we visited family and friends in Chicago and Reno, and also went with the whole crew to Banff and Los Angeles to teach and give concerts. John premiered Maria NewmanÕs solo sonata at the World Cello Congress in Baltimore and has started a whole series of MP3 websites: hear us playing for free at Carrie played Barber Concerto with the Tacoma Youth Symphony, and premiered and recorded Lux Aeterna, a concerto by Maria, written in memory of Elise Christianson. She also organized an eight month Beethoven in Ellensburg series which is doing well. The Rehkopf grandparents are staying with us now, and soon we will go and visit the Michel extended family. We are enjoying our jobs, our family and our town more than ever, and give thanks to Him whose birth we celebrate. We wish you the same Peace and Joy!