Greetings from Ellensburg to our friends far and near!
We are so grateful for all the wonderful things in our life. For those of you with whom we correspond less than regularly, we share the following highlights of 1997:

* John's brother Peter's wedding in Reno. Alec was the ring-bearer, and is becoming a professional.
* The remodeling of our house--adding a master bedroom suite and a 'great room' with high ceilings. We love it! It was finished a little off schedule; while we were at a music festival in Virginia, the painters left varnish-filled rags in a cardboard box. They spontaneously combusted. Luckily, our neighbors realized we weren't having a barbecue, called 911, sprayed a garden hose through the hole for the deadbolt lock and saved our house.
* Alec survived the worst case of chicken pox we've ever seen--more pox than skin on the poor guy! He is enjoying swimming and violin lessons.
* Our CD! Music of Maria Newman: The Birthday of the Infanta, for string quartet and two duos for the married pairs in our Kairos Quartet.
* A successful third summer of the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival...friends old and new, good music, good food.
* Eager and positive students in our classes.

We look forward to a new member of the family joining us in February!!! Alec is the most excited member of the family, constantly talking about what he and the baby will do. At times he will take Carrie's tummy in both hands and say to it: "Oh, baby, you're so cute!"

We will try to keep up the Michel scrapbook at Keep in touch by sending email to Carrie at and John at

We wish you the joy and peace that comes with Him whose birth we celebrate!

John, Carrie & Alec